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UF Online Enrollment Services

Our mission is to provide UF Online prospective students, current students, and alumni first-class customer services throughout the entire enrollment lifecycle, with a specific interest in increasing student enrollment and retention.

Who We Are

UF Online
Recruitment & Outreach Center

Prospective students who have questions about UF Online admissions can speak to a member of our admissions team. We provide personalized help to prospective students and applicants, every step along the way to joining the Gator Nation.

UF Online OneStop
Student Services Center

Current UF Online students and alumni who have questions for the Office of the University Registrar, Student Financial Affairs or the University Bursar can seek assistance from the UF Online OneStop team of cross-trained staff, providing centralized services.

Interested in joining the Gator Nation through UF Online?

What we do


The Recruitment and Outreach Center (ROC) and the Onestop jointly support UF Online Admissions. The ROC is charged with recruiting the highest quality applicants to join the Gator Nation through UF Online's program. The recruitment team of Admissions Officers are responsible for direct outreach to all UF Online prospective students. Once prospective students apply to the program, the OneStop Student Services Center provides all backend admissions support to UF Online applicants. The OneStop student services team is responsible for application services, screening, and transfer evaluation.

Student Services

Once admitted, the Onestop Student Services Center becomes a primary resource to UF Online students. The OneStop Center is a cross-functional services unit that provides UF Online students convenient and centralized support on behalf of the Office of the University Registrar, Student Financial Affairs, and the University Bursar. Instead of having to contact three separate offices for multiple questions, UF Online students contact the OneStop and speak with staff members who are cross-trained in all of these areas. One website. One phone number. One email. In addition, the Onestop serves as a centralized resource for campus partners who interact with UF Online students.

The ROC and Onestop communicate through a variety of channels with prospective and current students and the offices maintain extended hours to accommodate the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students. Together, the two teams coordinate activity to attract, engage, enroll, and retain the highest quality students in UF Online.